Pets Assisting Therapy 

About  Us

Hello, I'm Charlotte

I started Pets Assisting Therapy back in 2016 When my Nana moved into a rest home, She dearly missed living at the farm surrounded with all of our animals, So I completed a diploma in Business, a Diploma in Animal Assisted Therapy and my first aide course and started 

My Mission

To utilize our beautiful animals to promote health, hope and healing.

We accomplish this mission by:

Establishing and communicating high standards for animals visiting in the healthcare settings.

Providing education to healthcare professionals, Diversonal therapists and facility leaders.

Educating people on the opportunities and benefits of Animal Assisted Therapy.

Providing the highest quality and best trained animal teams to the people we visit

My Vision

Every day, the Pets Assisting Therapy teams motivate, inspire and comfort people by providing excellent service in health, hope and healing. Pets Assisting Therapy provides,  teautiful, Througherly trained and carefully selected animals to visit healthcare facilities.

My Best Team


Labrador retreiver

Leah came to live with us in December 2019, She is the most beautiful dog with the most sensitive and calm nature 



Misty is a beautiful laid back lady, she is in training at present before she comes to visit the facilities 

Mischievous mice


We have 6 beautiful mice that come to visit with us.

Charlotte and the animals always make me so happy,I love Roxie and all of the other animals. They are very friendly. I love them


Charlotte has made so many people happy with her business. it also helps people get out of depression  I look forward to Friday mornings. it is the only day that my girlfriend (the bird) nibbles on my ear. Don't ever give up on your Pets Assisting Therapy


Charlotte brings her animals into Media Design School on a regular basis. We call it Funky Farm and one of the students highlights. I would fully recommend her.


Media Design School