Pets Assisting Therapy 

Pets helping People 

Pets Assisting Therapy provides regular visits to disability homes, rest homes, day programmes, rehabilitation centres and hospitals in the greater Auckland area with our beautifully selected and trained therapy animals.


We Are The Best Support For You

Animal therapy promotes emotional wellbeing, Improves/maintains dexterity, is used as an added therapy for people whom are suffering from a variety of illnesses. it can help people cope with a variety of physical and mental changes, not to forget that contact with gentle and calm animals can make people happier and provide comfort and support.

Therapies & Sessions

Disability Facility Visits 

30 min or 1 hour sessions, We will bring a variety of animals to visit you, Tell us your favourites and we can bring some of them along 

Rest home visits 

45 Min sessions, with a beautiful selection of our friendly well trained animals brought to your facility ​

Birthdays Parties & Events

1-3 hour sessions 

Trying to organise a children's party can often be hard work, Bu​t it doesn't have too. We have children's birthday party packages designed to make it an easy fun and hassle free party.


What Our Customers Are Saying

Charlotte and the animals from Pets Assisting Therapy have been visiting our facility for almost a year now and our residents still look forward to the fortnightly meetings. The success of her service does not lie in the cuteness of ducklings and the meekness of lambs alone, but in Charlotte’s ability to ensure that the time a resident spends with a pet is meaningful. She engages with people and animals alike as she introduces remarkable personalities to remarkable personalities. Some residents playfully become pirates with parrots on shoulders and others enjoy holding and nurturing tiny mice, appreciating a moment in which they are the carers. The time with the Pets Assisting Therapy crew is filled with jokes about guinea pig hairstyles, morning teas shared with rats in secret, attempts to teach birds to speak and sad goodbyes when bunnies are returned to that well known and much loved red trolley in which they travel.

Liesel van Schalkwyk

Activites Coordinator